Pension Calculation

Qualifying Service

1. Calculate length of service from the date of first entry in Government regular service till the date of ending of service, both days inclusive.

2. Then deduct Non-qualifying Service, if any, of the following

(a) Service below the age of 18 years.

(b) Period of suspension not treated as duty.

(c) Period of strike or break which is ordered not to be counted for pension.

(d) In the case of invalid pension, period spent beyond the date of invalidation specified in the MC, unless otherwise ordered by the Government.

(e) LWA granted under Appendices XIIA, XIIB, XIIC and LWA otherwise on MC.

[See circular No. 72/2005/Fin dated 30/12/2005.

(f) Service after superannuation.

(g) Service prior to resignation (except for taking up other employment under Government), removal or dismissal from service.

(h) Contract service and service paid from Local Fund if not ordered otherwise.

(i) Service for which other pension is admissible.

(j) Foreign Service, if pension contribution is not paid or not exempted.

(k) From 16.12.2009 period of thrown out from service for want of vacancy, if not regularized.

(l) In the case of invalid pension, period spent beyond the date of invalidation specified in the MC, unless otherwise.

Additional or Special Service

Military Service,Central govt service, aided school service, aided college service,municipal common service, panchayat, university service within kerala, bar service etc. subject to the conditions specified in the respective rules in PartIII Kerala Service Rules.

Period required for Pension and DCRG

 Q.S. required for minimum pension  10 years
 Q.S. required for minimum Pension
in the case of handicapped personnel
 3 years
 Q.S. for full (maximum) Pension  30 years
 Q.S. for minimum DCRG  5 years
 Q.S. for maximum DCRG  33 years


Average Emoluments(AE)

1. This is the average of ten months duty pay (emoluments) immediately before retirement.

2. Emoluments include

Substantive Pay

Officiating Pay

Personal Pay

Dearness pay

Special Pay in lieu of higher time scale, alone.

Monthly Pension

For 30 years of Q.S. (Full Pension):50% of AE
For Q.S. of 10 years (3 years for handicapped) and above up to 29 years: 50% of AE * (Q.S/30)