Retirement in Public Interest

A Government servant who has completed 30 years of qualifying service, may be retired in the public interest, provided that a notice in writing is issued at least three months before the date on which he is required to retire in the public interest or 3 months pay and allowances in lieu of such notice, will be paid, to the employee.

Provisional Pension

When any departmental or judicial proceeding is pending against an employee retired from service, a provisional pension shall be paid from the date of his retirement till the date of passing final order, an amount not exceeding the maximum pension admissible including Dearness Relief. It will be adjusted against the amount of final payment. No gratuity or DCRG will be paid before the conclusion of the inquiry and issuing of final orders.

Compassionate Allowance

No pension may be granted to an employee dismissed or removed from service for misconduct, insolvency or inefficiency: but compassionate allowance may be granted in deserving cases as special consideration, provided the allowance shall not exceed 2/3 of the pension which would have been admissible if the person had retired on the date of dismissal or removal. Since 01.09.1968, the minimum compassionate allowance shall not be less than minimum pension.
Compassionate allowance will be sanctioned with prospective effect only. Family Pension is not admissible in such cases.

Residuary Gratuity

When a retired officer dies after retirement and the total pensionary benefits received by him prior to his death are less than the amount of 12 times of the last emoluments drawn by him, the deficiency may be granted to the family of the pensioner. This is called Residuary Gratuity. If a portion of pension was commuted before the death, the said benefit will not be allowed.

Anticipatory Pension

If there is administrative delay in setting pension benefits, the pensioner will be paid anticipatory Pension, not exceeding the amount of admissible pension, for a period of six months in the first instance, and it will be extended further if the Accountant General considers so. DCRG is also paid not exceeding ¾ of its account. When final payment is made, the amount of Anticipatory Pension, and Anticipatory DCRG paid already, will be adjusted.

Extraordinary Pension or Gratuity

When a Government Servant is injured or contracts disease or dies in the execution of official duties, extra ordinary Pension/Gratuity is paid to the Person or to his family in addition to the normal pension benefits. It will not be admissible to a risk common to the human existence in the modern conditions of living. From 18/06/1984 minimum extra ordinary pension is Rs.75/-

Exgratia Pension

Those Government servants, who retire from service with less than 10 years qualifying service, are not eligible for statutory pension. They are eligible for service gratuity. Vide G.O (P) No. 1851/99/Fin., dated18.09.1999, Government introduced Exgratia Pension to provide relief to such persons. The scheme is optional. A person who opts for the scheme shall not be eligible for Service Gratuity but eligible for Dearness Relief and Family Pension with effect from 01.07.2014. Consolidated amount of Exgratia Pension and Family Pension admissible w.e.f. 1.07.2014 is as below.

Qualifying service  Amount admissible  Ex-gratia Familypension
 9 years  Rs. 7650  Rs. 2295
 8 years  Rs. 6800  Rs. 2040
 7 years  Rs. 5950  Rs. 1785
 6 years  Rs. 5100  Rs. 1530
 5 years  Rs. 4250  Rs. 1275
 4 years  Rs. 3400  Rs. 1020
 3 years & below  Rs. 2550  Rs. 765