Family Pension


From 1.7.2014, family pension will be @30% of the pay last drawn by the officer subject to a minimum of Rs.8500/- and maximum of Rs.36,000/-

Higher rate of Family Pension

  • Higher rate of Family pension at half of the pay last drawn or twice the amount of Family Pension admissible, whichever is less, will be paid to the family of a Government servant who dies while in service, for a maximum period of seven years or till the age of 63 in the case of superannuation at 56 years of age from the date following the date of death.(67 years of age in the case of superannuation at 60 years of age) whichever is earlier, and thereafter at normal rate.
  • In the case of death after retirement, but before completing 7 years, a higher rate of FP not exceeding the amount of pension sanctioned to the pensioner will be paid. But if the amount of pension is less than the amount of normal rate of Family Pension admissible, then the amount of normal rate of family pension will be paid .

Family Members eligible for F.P

  • Wife in the case of male employee, till death or re-marriage whichever is earlier.
  • Husband in the case of female employee till death or remarriage whichever is earlier.
  • Eldest eligible child in the order of seniority irrespective of sex. Sons, and daughters including posthumous, up to 25 years of age or till employment/marriage, whichever is earlier.
  • Children suffering from physical/mental disorder or disability.
  • Un-married daughter above 25 years of age subject to income limit.
  • Son/daughter adopted legally, before retirement.
  • Parents in equal shares subject to income limit.
  • Judicially separated wife/husband
  • Disabled divorced daughter
  • Widowed disabled daughter.
  • Children of a deceased employee born out of a divorced/judicially separated wife under certain conditions.