• A Pensioner can commute a portion of his/her pension for lump sum. The maximum portion of pension that can be commuted is 40% of basic pension from 01.03.2006. No commutation of pension will be allowed to a person against whom judicial/departmental proceedings is pending. Commutation of pension is calculated at 40 percent of pension * commutation factor as on next birthday as per ANNEXURE-III in Appendix X of KSR *12 years
  • Relevant part of Commutation table is given below
 55 years of age  11.73
 56 years of age  11.42
 57 years of age  11.10
 58 years of age  10.78
 59 years of age  10.46
 60 years of age  10.13



  • Restoration period of commutation is 12 years. After the restoration no commutation shall be allowed

Compulsory Retirement on Penality

A Government servant who gets compulsory retirement as penalty may be granted pensionary benefits based on his qualifying service