Pension Forms

Forms Title
2 Application for Pension/Gratuity, Death-cum-retirement and Family Pension
3 Form for sending Pension Papers
4B Nomination for D.C.R. Gratuity
4D Nomination for D.C.R. Gratuity (when the employee has no family)
5 Nomination for Non- Contributory Family Pension
5A Details of Family Pension
6 Application for Family Pension/Contributory Family Pension D.C.R. Gratuity
6A Form of Intimation
8 Indemnity Bond
8A Indemnity Bond to be executed by the Guardian of a Minor
11 Formal Application for Pension/Commutation
15 Nomination for Payment of arrears of Pension
16 Nomination for Payment of arrears of Family Pension
17 Notice of Modification of Nomination
Form A Commutation of Pension on Medical Examination
FORM C Statement to be filled in by the Applicant for Commutation of a portion of his pension
Form D Form of application for commutation of pension without Medical Examination.
Form E(1) Nomination
Form E Form of Application for restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension
Schedule IV Form A Application for injury pension or gratuity
Schedule IV Form B Application for Family Pension(Extra ordinary Pension)
Schedule IV Form C Forms to be used by the Medical Board when reporting on injuries
Proforma for Nodal officer change Proforma for Nodal officer change