Government Order Date Abstract
G.O (P) No.87/2011/Fin 28/02/2011 Pension - Revision of Pension and other related benefits consequent on revision of pay scales from 01/07/2009 in in accordance with the recommendation of the 9th Pay Revision Commission - Orders Issued
G.O(P)No.345/2011/Fin 12/08/2011 Pension/Family pension of University Employees-Revised
GO(P)No.389/2011/Fin 15/09/2011 Revision of Pension of pre -01.07.2009 Pensioners-anomaly in fixing pension-clarification-orders-issued.
GO(P)No.150/2012/Fin 06/03/2012 Invalid pension to part time Contingent Pensioners enhanced
GO(Ms)No.297/2012/Fin 23/05/2012 Revision of Pension of persons directly recruited to Personal Staff
GO(P)No.316/2012/Fin 01/06/2012 Kerala Service Rules Part III,Rule 100 Re-employment Pay of Pensioner -Clarification -Orders issued
GO(P)No 324/2012/Fin 04/06/2012 Pension Revision 2009 Special Pay in lieu of Higher Time Scale of pay -Reckoning of Orders issued
GO(P)No 551/2012/Fin 09/10/2012 Revision of pension and other related benefits- modified